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What is CityCraft Papermodels?

We are a website dedicated to the design and creation of paper model templates, specialized in aircraft design. Our vision is to become the largest paper airplane website in the world. which we are achieving, we have more than +500 different templates to download totally free. which is another of our goals, to provide free models for everyone.

Who is behind this?

Mario Solorzano, (CityCraft) Principal Designer of the models and founder of CityCraft Papermodels. Graphic designer (Freelance) passionate about airplanes and scale models. the perfect combination for the birth of papermodel airplane designs. Since 2015, he began designing some liveries of already existing models, such as those designed by Canon (Creative Park), but it was not until 2018 that he designed his first own model, the Airbus A320. Then other models appeared, such as the 737, 727 and 737. MAX, its newest model.

If you like to support financially. you can do it here. Any small contribution I will be enormously grateful.

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